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  • Protein separation and image analysis.

Extraction of proteins for 2D-DIGE (Two-Dimensional Difference Gel Electrophoresis) analysis. Analysis of the differential expression of proteins using 2D-DIGE. Digestion of the differentially-expressed proteins with trypsin.

  • Mass spectrometry analysis and protein identification.

Identification of the proteins expressed differentially in 2D-DIGE or in samples of other origin, using liquid chromatography (nano-HPLC) and ion trap mass spectrometry.

Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria del Principado de Asturias (ISPA). Edificio FINBA

Avenida Hospital Universitario s/n 33011 Oviedo Asturias, Spain.

Protein separation and image analysis.

  • 2D-DIGE (Two-Dimensional Difference Gel Electrophoresis)
    • First dimension: Ettan™ IPGphor™ 3 Isoelectric Focusing System (GE Healthcare Life Sciences)
    • Second dimension: Ettan™ DALTsix Large Vertical System (GE Healthcare Life Sciences)
  • Image analysis:
    • Ettan™ DIGE Imager (GE Healthcare Life Sciences)
    • Decyder Image Analysis Software (GE Healthcare Life Sciences)

Mass spectrometry analysis and protein identification (LC-MS/MS).

  • Peptide separation:
    • nano-HPLC (LC Packings, Ultimate model)
  • Autosampler:
    • LC Packings, FAMOS model)
  • Mass Spectrometer - AB Sciex - API 2000 QTRAP

Specialist training is necessary to perform protein separation in two-dimensional gels and to identify differentially-expressed proteins, so all procedures will be carried out by the platform’s staff. Given the specificities of this service, it is necessary to contact a member of the platform staff if you would like to use it.

  • Protein extraction, differential expression analysis and digestion with trypsin:
    • €300 / 26x22 cm gel.
    • €30 / hour of image analysis
  • Mass spectrometry:
    • Mass spectrometry analysis of differentially expressed proteins: €45 / sample.
    • Identification of proteins from mass spectra in databases: €30 / hour.