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Cell Culture Laboratory

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The ISPA premises house two cell culture rooms to support the institute’s experimental research, set up for human and animal cell culture.

If you would like to use the equipment , please contact the laboratory manager to reserve a time slot. Access to the cell culture rooms is restricted to those who have completed the appropriate training on the guidelines for working in them.

No fees are applied for the use of equipment, but the ISPA staff who use it must provide all necessary consumables and reagents. Please contact the cell culture laboratory manager if you would like to enquire about the technical support available, or to receive the necessary training on good working practices in the laboratory and the biosafety rules that apply to it.

Edificio ISPA

Av. Hospital Universitario s/n 33011-Oviedo, Spain.

Telephone: +34 985652499

  • (Internal calls: extension 38525)


The equipment housed in the laboratories includes:

  • Class II biosafety cabinets
  • Incubators with CO2 and O2 control
  • Inverted optical microscopes, some of which have an attached digital camera
  • Automated cell counter
  • Centrifuges
  • Real-time cell analysis instrument (iCELLigence RTCA)
  • Thermostatic baths