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Dr. Carlos López Larrea

Carlos López Larrea

  • Head of the Immunology Department, Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias (HUCA)
  • Professor of Immunology, Universidad de Oviedo

Beatriz Suárez Álvarez

Dr. Beatriz Suárez

Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias (HUCA)

Avenida Hospital Universitario s/n

33011 Oviedo, Spain.

Telephone: +34 985108000 ext. 37587


Name Organisation Activity Euraxess classification
Álvarez Fernández, Carlos SESPA Research/Clinical/Teaching R2
Álvarez Navascues, Carmen SESPA Research/Clinical R2
Andrade López, Ana Cristina SESPA Research/Clinical R2
Bande Fernández, José Joaquín SESPA Research/Clinical R2
Baragaño Raneros, Aroa FINBA Research R2
Bernardo Flórez, Aida Universidad de Oviedo Research R1
Corte Iglesias, Viviana FINBA Research R3
Díaz Bulnes, Paula FINBA Research R2
Díaz Corte, Carmen SESPA Research/Clinical/Teaching R3
González Muñiz, Soledad SESPA Research/Clinical R2
López Larrea, Carlos Universidad de Oviedo/SESPA Research/Clinical/Teaching R4
López Vázquez, Antonio SESPA Research/Clinical R2
Martín Martín, Cristina FINBA Research R2
Martínez Borra, Jesús SESPA Research/Clinical R2
Palomo Moraleda, María del Pilar SESPA Research/Clinical/Teaching R2
Queiro Silva, Rubén SESPA Research/Clinical R2
Rodrigues Díez, Raúl FINBA Research R2
Rodríguez García, Manuel SESPA Research/Clinical R2
Rodríguez López, Ramón María FINBA Research/Clinical/Teaching R2
Saiz Álvarez, María Laura FINBA Research R2
Suárez Álvarez, Beatriz FINBA Research/Clinical R4
Vidal Castiñeira, José Ramón SESPA Research/Clinical R2
Ruiz Bernet, Cristian Universidad de Oviedo Research No classification
Vallina Fernández, Miguel FINBA Research No classification


Monitoring Immune Response in Transplants

Defining a risk and/or immunological tolerance profile in transplant patients (kidney, heart, liver and haematopoietic stem cell transplants) able to predict chronic and acute rejection.

Epigenetic mechanisms involved in immune system differentiation and pathological implications

Characterisation of the epigenome (DNA methylation and histone modification) of the various cellular compartments of the immune system and of haematopoietic stem cells.

Identification of genetic factors associated with spondyloarthropathies and rheumatological diseases

Genomic analysis through large-scale sequencing of functional genes associated with spondyloarthropathies (SpA).

Regulation of expression of the NKG2D receptor and its ligands (MICA, MICB and ULBPs).-

Studying the mechanisms of genetic and epigenetic regulation, as well as the release of NKG2D ligands and their receptor during immunological recognition of haematological malignancies in kidney diseases.

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  • Baragaño Raneros A, Suarez-Álvarez B, López-Larrea C. Secretory pathways generating immunosuppressive NKG2D ligands: New targets for therapeutic intervention. Oncoimmunology. 2014 Apr 25;3:e28497.
  • Vidal-Castiñeira JR, López-Vázquez A, Martínez-Borra J, Martínez-Camblor P, Prieto J, López-Rodríguez R, Sanz-Cameno P, De la Vega J, Rodrigo L, Perez-Lopez R, Perez-Alvarez R, Lopez-Larrea C. Diversity of killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor (KIR) genotypes and KIR2DL2/3 variants in HCV treatment outcome. PLoS One 2014; 9(6):e99426.
  • Huergo-Zapico L, Acebes-Huerta A, Gonzalez-Rodriguez AP, Contesti J, Gonzalez-García E, Payer AR, Villa-Alvarez M, Fernández-Guizán A, López-Soto A, Gonzalez S. Expansion of NK Cells and Reduction of NKG2D Expression in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. Correlation with Progressive Disease. PLoS One. 2014 Oct 6;9(10):e108326.
  • Serrano-Pertierra E, Cernuda-Morollón E, Brdička T, Hoøejši V, López-Larrea C. L-plastin is involved in NKG2D recruitment into lipid rafts and NKG2D-mediated NK cell migration. J Leukoc Biol. 2014 Sep;96(3):437-45.
  • Moro-García MA, Fernández-García B, Echeverría A, Rodríguez-Alonso M, Suárez-García FM, Solano-Jaurrieta JJ, López-Larrea C, Alonso-Arias R. Frequent participation in high volume exercise throughout life is associated with a more differentiated adaptive immune response. Brain Behav Immun. 2014 Jul;39:61-74.
  • Serrano-Pertierra E, Cernuda-Morollón E, López-Larrea C. NKG2D- and CD28-mediated costimulation regulate CD8+ T cell chemotaxis through different mechanisms: the role of Cdc42/N-WASp. J Leukoc Biol. 2014 Mar;95(3):487-95.
  • Urdinguio RG, Fernandez AF, Moncada-Pazos A, Huidobro C, Rodriguez RM, Ferrero C, Martinez-Camblor P, Obaya AJ, Bernal T, Parra-Blanco A, Rodrigo L, Santacana M, Matias-Guiu X, Soldevilla B, Dominguez G, Bonilla F, Cal S, Lopez-Otin C, Fraga MF. Immune-dependent and independent antitumor activity of GM-CSF aberrantly expressed by mouse and human colorectal tumors. Cancer Res. 2013 Jan 1;73(1):395-405
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  • Alonso Arias R, Moro-García MA, Echeverría A, Solano-Jaurrieta JJ, Suárez-García FM, López-Larrea C. Intensity of the humoral response to cytomegalovirus is associated with the phenotypic and functional status of the immune system. J Virol. 2013 Apr;87(8):4486-95.
  • Fernández-Sánchez A, Baragaño Raneros A, Carvajal Palao R, Sanz AB, Ortiz A, Ortega F, Suárez-Álvarez B, López-Larrea C. DNA demethylation and histone H3K9 acetylation determine the active transcription of the NKG2D gene in human CD8+ T and NK cells. Epigenetics. 2013;8(1):66-78.
  • Queiro R, Tejón P, Coto P, Alonso S, Alperi M, Sarasqueta C, González S, Martínez-Borra J, López-Larrea C, Ballina J. Clinical differences between men and women with psoriatic arthritis: relevance of the analysis of genes and polymorphisms in the major histocompatibility complex region and of the age at onset of psoriasis. Clin Dev Immunol. 2013;2013:482691.
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  • Rodriguez RM, Suarez-Alvarez B, Lavín JL, Mosén-Ansorena D, Baragaño Raneros A, Márquez-Kisinousky L, Aransay AM, Lopez-Larrea C.Epigenetic Networks Regulate the Transcriptional Program in Memory and Terminally Differentiated CD8+ T Cells. J Immunol. 2017 Jan 15;198(2):937-949.
  • Suarez-Alvarez B, Morgado-Pascual JL, Rayego-Mateos S, Rodriguez RM, Rodrigues-Diez R, Cannata-Ortiz P, Sanz AB, Egido J, Tharaux PL, Ortiz A, Lopez-Larrea C, Ruiz-Ortega M.Inhibition of Bromodomain and Extraterminal Domain Family Proteins Ameliorates Experimental Renal Damage. J Am Soc Nephrol. 2017 Feb;28(2):504-519.
Principal Investigator Title Funding Body Reference No Duration Amount
Carlos López Larrea Epigenetic modulation of immunological tolerance: development of new therapeutic approaches in kidney transplantation Instituto de Salud Carlos III PI16/01318 2017-2019 €230,202.50 .
Beatriz Suárez Álvarez Epigenetic regulation of the inflammatory processes associated with chronic kidney damage: identification of new therapeutic targets Instituto de Salud Carlos III PI17/01244 2018-2020 €62,920
Carlos López Larrea Translational Immunology Research Group FICYT (Foundation for the Promotion of Applied Scientific Research and Technology in Asturias). Principado de Asturias GRUPIN14-030 2014-2017 €238,000
Carlos López Larrea REDINREN Renal Research Network RD16/0009 Instituto de Salud Carlos III RD16/0009/0020 2017-2021 €105,435


Supervisors Title PhD Student Organisation Date of Viva
Carlos López LarreaBeatriz Suarez Álvarez Epigenetic regulation of NKG2D ligands: therapeutic implications in acute myeloid leukaemia Aroa Baragaño Raneros Universidad de Oviedo 10/07/2017


Healthsens SL, spin-off company.

Creation Date: 2009

Company created to develop, produce and market electrochemical sensors for the (early) detection and/or monitoring of biomarkers associated with diseases that are highly prevalent in the population. Carlos López Larrea is a co-founder and member of the Board of Directors of HealthSens