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Biosynthesis of Bioactive Compounds by Microorganisms

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María del Carmen Méndez Fernández

  • Professor
  • Functional Biology Department, Universidad de Oviedo
Group leader until july 2020
Prof. José Antonio Salas Fernández ISPA research groups Biosynthesis of Bioactive Compounds
Professor José Antonio Salas Fernández

Professor of Microbiology at the Universidad de Oviedo. After obtaining a degree in Biology and a PhD in Natural Sciences (Biology) at the Universidad de Oviedo, Professor Salas Fernández completed postdoctoral fellowships at the Universities of Cambridge and Leicester (UK).

Upon his return, in collaboration with Professor Carmen Méndez Fernández, he began a line of research on the biosynthesis of secondary metabolites (antibiotics, antitumour agents, etc.) by the microorganisms producing them, which belong to the actinomycete order. This is one of the research areas covered by the Biosynthesis of Bioactive Compounds by Microorganisms (BIOMIC) research group of the Universidad de Oviedo. Since then, several biosynthesis pathways have been isolated and characterised for antibiotics (thienamycin, oleandomycin, streptolydigin), antitumour agents (borrelidin, mithramycin, rebeccamycin, staurosporine, oviedomycin, steffimycin, thiocoraline) and neuroprotectors (collismycin). Through the application of combinatorial biosynthesis and metabolic engineering, over 300 compounds have been generated that contain minor differential modifications of the initial native molecule, some of which have been shown to have promising pharmaceutical properties and have been patented, these patents having been subsequently transferred to biotechnology companies (Biotica, Entrechem).

Founding member of Entrechem S.L., a biotechnology company which is working on developing two antitumour compounds generated by the research group for clinical use. He has supervised 38 PhD theses and is author of 220 publications, including 17 book chapters and reviews and 203 original articles, the vast majority of which are ranked in the top quartile of his research area.

He is co-inventor of a total of 16 patents, 13 of which are international patents that have been licensed and/or are in use by several companies (Hoescht Marion Roussel, Biotica Technology Ltd., Asturpharma S. A., PharmaMar S. A., Entrechem S. L.).

Departamento de Biología Funcional

Facultad de Medicina. Universidad de Oviedo

C/ Julián Claveria s/n. Oviedo, Spain

Telephone: +34 985103652


Name Organisation Activity Euraxess classification
Ceniceros Medrano, Ana Universidad de Oviedo Research R3
Cuervo Del Pozo, Lorena Universidad de Oviedo Research R1
García Gutiérrez, Coral FINBA Research R1
Gómez Malmierca, Mónica Universidad de Oviedo Research R3
González Moreno, María Soledad Universidad de Oviedo Research R1
Méndez Fernández, María Carmen Universidad de Oviedo Research/Teaching R4
Olano Álvarez, Carlos Universidad de Oviedo Research/Teaching R3
Prado Alonso, Laura Universidad de Oviedo Research R1
Rodríguez García, Miriam Universidad de Oviedo Research R2
Salas Fernández, José Antonio Universidad de Oviedo Research/Teaching R3
Peña Noval, Leire Universidad de Oviedo Research No classification

ISPA staff in the Biosynthesis of Bioactive Compounds research group

The group was created approximately 30 years ago by Professors José Antonio Salas and Carmen Méndez. At the beginning, the group’s main interest was in studying the resistance mechanisms which enable bacteria (actinomycetes) that produce antibiotics and other bioactive compounds to survive during the period of producing said compounds, as well as cloning genes for the biosynthesis of bioactive compounds and the characterisation of their biosynthesis pathways. Since it was established, the group has characterised the biosynthesis pathways of several antibiotics (oleandomycin, thienamycin, streptolydigin, caboxamycin, nataxazole and sipanmycin), various antitumour agents (mithramycin, chromomycin, borrelidin, rebeccamycin, staurosporine, oviedomycin, elloramycin, steffimycin, thiocoraline and the macrolide PM100117), a neuroprotector (collismycin) and argimycins P. Using the knowledge about these and other biosynthesis pathways, a new line of research was opened up, consisting of the use of genetic engineering to modify the producer microorganisms, in order to generate new bioactive compounds (combinatorial biosynthesis) and improve their production levels through metabolic engineering. As part of this research, the group has developed several molecular “tools” to modify the glycosylation profiles of the compounds, which have been applied to the generation of new derivatives of antitumour agents such as mithramycin and rebeccamycin. Over the years, the group has generated over 200 new compounds, some of which displayed greater activity and/or lower toxicity than the corresponding natural compounds, and have been patented and licensed to companies. The group’s current priorities are: searching for and characterising new bioactive compounds produced by actinomycetes, by identifying the gene clusters that codify them through genome sequencing (genome mining ); the activation of said biosynthesis pathways, and the generation of new derivatives through combinatorial biosynthesis.

  • Actinomycete genome sequencing and identification of gene clusters for bioactive compounds.
    ISPA Biosynthesis of Bioactive Compounds Research Group, Line of Research 1
    Studying the biosynthesis pathways of bioactive compounds.
  • Activation of “silent” biosynthesis pathways of natural products and identification of new bioactive compounds.
    The activation of silent biosynthesis clusters in actinomycetes enables new bioactive compounds to be obtained.
  • Generation of new bioactive derivatives through combinatorial biosynthesis.
    ISPA Biosynthesis of Bioactive Compounds Research Group, Line of Research 3
    Generation of new derivatives of bioactive compounds.
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Principal Investigator Title Funding Body Duration Amount
José Antonio Salas Fernández Marine polyketides in oncology. Development of bioprocesses for sourcing antitumour compounds of marine origin through biotechnology MICINN INNPACTO IPT-2011-0752-900000 01-10-2011 to 31-12-2014 €259,310
María Carmen Méndez Fernández Activation and characterisation of the biosynthesis pathways of bioactive compounds in Streptomyces MINECO-15-BIO2014-56752-R 01-01-2015 to 30-06-2018 €217,800
María Carmen Méndez Fernández Application of strategies based on genome sequencing to activate the production of new bioactive compounds in actinomycetes MINECO (BIO2015-64161-R) 01-01-2016 to 31-12-2018 €320,650
José Antonio Salas Fernández Biotechnology applied to the gene desilencing of polyketides and bioactive nonribosomal peptides in marine bacteria (DESPOL) MINECO-RETOS, MINECO-16-RTC-2016-4892-1 07-03-2016 to 31-12-2019 €276,880
María Carmen Méndez Fernández Identification and characterisation of biosynthesis gene clusters of compounds derived from hydroxybenzoates and aminobenzoates in Streptomyces MINECO (BIO2017-82462-R) 01-01-2018 to 31-12-2020 €217,800
PhD Supervisor Supervisors Title Year
Susana Alvarez García José Antonio Salas Fernández
María Carmen Méndez
Identification and analysis of genes for the global regulation of production of the anti-tumour agent mithramycin in Streptomyces argillaceus 2014
Carolina Cano Prieto José Antonio Salas Fernández
Carlos Olano Álvarez
Genome mining in Streptomyces sp. Tü6176 in order to characterise the biosynthesis pathway of the antitumour agent nataxazole 2015
Suhui Ye Huang José Antonio Salas Fernández
María Carmen Méndez
Genome mining of Streptomyces argillaceus: Identification and characterisation of the biosynthesis gene cluster of argimycins 2016
Aránzazu González Bueno José Antonio Salas Fernández
María Carmen Méndez
Identification and analysis of the biosynthesis pathway of paulomycins and its interactions with other gene clusters 2016
Armando Alvarez Losada José Antonio Salas Fernández
Carlos Olano Álvarez
Characterisation of the biosynthesis pathway of the benzoxazole caboxamycin, produced by Streptomyces sp. NTK937 2017
Inventors Title Application No Spanish Patent Date Awarded
Suhui Ye Huang, Brian Molloy Galiana, Alfredo Fernández Braña, Jesús Cortés Bargalló, Francisco Morís Varas, José A. Salas Fernández, M. Carmen Méndez Fernández Argimycin alkaloid compounds produced by Streptomyces argillaceus and their uses P201500825 (18-11-2015) ES2602255 (B1) 20-10-2017