The Institute

Technical Coordination Office

Article 4.3 of ISPA’s Rules of Procedure describes the Technical Coordination Office as follows:

FINBA’s Technical Coordination Office will act as the Technical Coordination Office for ISPA.

The Technical Coordination Office, when so requested by the ISPA’s Scientific Director, will be responsible for the implementation of HR policies, purchasing and supplies, investment, providing support regarding applications and management for research, innovation and results transfer projects, as well as information systems and methodological analysis. It will also be responsible for the management of clinical trials and observational studies conducted by members of ISPA and/or SESPA.

The Technical Coordination Office will have a Director of Operations who will  support ISPA’s Scientific Director on aspects related to the administration, management, communication and transfer of research results, in addition to any duties allocated to the Director of Operations by the Board of Governors, for which purpose the necessary support structure will be provided.