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Human Resources Action Plan

With the aim of strengthening the European Research Area (ERA), the European Commission adopted the Charter and Code in 2005, which includes the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. These documents are aimed at researchers, as well as funders and public and private-sector employers. They are designed to promote equal rights and obligations for researchers throughout the ERA, aiming to reduce fragmentation in the RDI sector at the local, regional, state, sector and European levels.

Both ISPA, as a research centre, and FINBA, as its managing body, subscribe to the principles of this Charter and maintain a Human Resources Plan which promotes continuous professional development: this acts as the basis for obtaining the HR Excellence in Research (HRS4R) award.

The process of obtaining the HRS4R award (Source:


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Working groups composition:

Working group (since January 2022):

  • René Rodríguez González (Team Leader, R4)
  • Beatriz Suárez Álvarez (Team Leader; gender balance & equality commission, R4)
  • Helena Gil Peña (Team Leader; quality committee, R4)
  • Juana María García Pedrero (Senior Researcher, R3)
  • Sara Panizo García (Researchers and Technical Staff Representative; Senior Researcher, R3)
  • Agustín Fernández Fernández (Senior Researcher, open science commission, R3)
  • Mónica Álvarez Fernández (Postdoctoral Researcher, R3)
  • Cristina Martín Martín (Platform manager; Platform Commission member; Laboratory Manager, R2)
  • Pablo Santamarina Ojeda (Predoctoral Researcher, R1)
  • Lucía Fernández Ortiz (Administrative Staff, Human Resources)
  • Roberto Fernández Pérez (Administrative Staff, Scientific Direction Office; communication commison; open science commission)

Steering group:

  • Victoria Álvarez Martínez (Scientific Director)
  • Faustino Blanco González (Managing Director)
  • Mario Fernández Fraga (Scientific Deputy Director)
  • Guillermo Muñiz Albaiceta (Training and HR Deputy Director)
  • René Rodríguez González (coordinator WG)
  • Juana María García Pedrero (member WG)
  • Sara Panizo García (member WG)
  • Lucía Fernández Ortiz (member WG)
  • Roberto Fernández Pérez (member WG)