The website incorporates a series of measures to improve accessibility, by:

  • Enabling all users to access to the website, regardless of their physical condition or environment.
  • Making it possible to access the website with a variety of user agents.
  • Providing clear, well-organised content.
  • Improving website navigation and the user experience.

The measures taken include:

  • Presenting on-screen elements and code content in a logical order.
  • Applying the W3C standards:
    • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG level AA)

Design and Layout

The design and layout of the website has been developed following the applicable Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 1.0):

  • Separating content and presentation using style sheets.
  • Using relative units (enabling changeable text size and fluid design).
  • Colour contrast control.


To facilitate website navigation, all the pages on the site have a similar structure and include the same elements.

To provide users with direct access to all the website’s content, a search facility has been incorporated into each of the site’s pages.

A mechanism known as a ‘breadcrumb trail’ has been included on each of the site’s pages. Its purpose is to help users understand where they are within the website structure, showing them a possible route from the homepage to the current page.–>

Page Information
Additionally, a link is provided at the bottom of each web page to the privacy policy and the legal information that directly applies to the published content.

Skip Links
To facilitate access to content for assistive technology users (voice browsers, screen readers, etc.), links have been created to skip navigation sections so that users can go directly to the web page content.